upgrades etc

I’ve been trying TBS for a few days now and have had several problems, although overall it’s clearly a very impressive program.

-My Wacom tablet only aligns correctly when in Single Monitor mode, (nothing else fixes it: screen modes, trying all the options, re-installing drivers etc), and the problem is probably traceable to my ATI video card not having an Nvideo style ‘Horizontal span’ mode…

Anyway, thats me with TWO bits of hardware that I may have to upgrade. -Although I may be waiting 'till I build my next PC to do that, and so I may have to take advantage of the special reduced price at the moment and buy it with its present problems and limitations…

So, if these tablet/graphics card related problems are fixed in a later release, will that be free, or might I be faced with buying the software again to get a version that works with my particular hardware?

-Please dont think I’m whining, its a great program, I’m just trying to work out my options and budget.

Hi dingo,

fyi the wacom issue is one that both the TBS staff & people at Wacom are aware of. There are a bunch of us with the same problem & as of yet it is unresolved. The only fix at the moment is to either just use one monitor, or if you want to use 2 & want to keep pressure sensitivity, you have to set your wacom pen to cover both screens, instead of just the one you draw on. This kind of sucks if you have a small wacom to start with as it essentially cuts your drawing surface in half. There are several threads under the tablet section that disscuss this in depth. Hopefully it will be resolved sooner than later, but who knows.