Upgraded to Animate PRO 3, and it won't recognize fonts in animations (and other questions...)

Hi. I just upgraded to Animate PRO 3, and moved to a new computer. After having moved everything over to the new computer… fonts and all… the main problem I’m having right now is that when I open up my animation scenes on the project I’ve been working on, the areas I used fonts aren’t recognizing the font that I have created it with.

The fonts are being recognized by Animate Pro 3, best I can tell, as they’re showing up in the drop down list, but the actual text on my animation is simply defaulting back to Arial, and not the chosen font styles and all that I had worked on it. Is there something I can do to get it to recognize the font I had chosen? It’s going to be a nightmare if I have to go back to every scene I’ve done and re-do all of the font selection and styling.

QUESTION 2: Completely unrelated, I’ve been trying for quite a while now to figure out how to use the contour editor tool to adjust a line on both the line art and color art layers at the same time. Having to do them separately is a real hassle and time sucker when I have changes and adjustments to make.

Thanks in advance!


I should clarify that the files I’m talking about having problems with fonts not being recognized are ones I created on the old computer in Animate 2.

you DID copy the fonts you were using on the old computer over to the new one, didn’t you?

heh… yeah… thanks. I’m not a complete idiot. :wink:

It wasn’t recognizing my open type fonts, so I had to convert them all to true type. It’s strange though as I didn’t have that problem on the old computer with Animate. Anyway, now it’s at least reading some of them, though I have to do a bit of reformatting still. Others it’s still not reading at all, but at least I have true type versions of those fonts to work from now. I have test videos printed out of each seen already, so I can always go back and match it up to the video for reference of what it looked like when I need to.

Pain in the neck. Blah.

LOL, yeah that’s why i made ‘DID’ all caps so as to depict that anyone using software as advanced as AP has to have SOME sense from the get go :).

That’s good at least you made up some vids to match the fonts by.
Good luck.