Upgraded to 4.0; library missing

Hi All,

I have just upgraded to 4.0 and seem to have lost my entire library. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the Global Library. I didn’t see any install instructions regarding the library.

Any help would be appreciated.


Your V4 Global library is different from the V3.5 Global library that you have. If you want to use the previous Global library all you have to do is open the library panel in V4. then right click to get the context menu and select the “open library” command. You will see a file dialog that will show you available libraries on your system. One library folder will be labeled Global V4.0 and there will be one labeled Global V3.5. So you click on the Global V3.5 folder and select the library inside called Global. It will open and be inside V4.0. You will then go to the File menu and select the “save global library” command. A dialog will pop up warning you that the library is for V3.5 and will be saved for V4.0 and no longer be accessible in previous versions. If that is not a problem click on OK and it is now saved and available in V4.0. If you don’t want to lose access to your V3.5 for this library then you can just drag and drop the templates from this V3.5 library to the V4.0 global library in your library panel and just don’t save the V3.5 library when you get the dialog warning you of the conversion from 3.5 to 4.0. You will still need to save your V4.0 global library after you drag and drop templates into it. -JK

Thanks! I used the drag and drop and it worked great.
Appreciate the help.