Upgrade V6 to V7

I purchased TM studio V6 around 06.30.2012.
Now you are offering a V7 upgrade.

1. I don’t think I should have to pay for an upgrade after owning TB for so short a time.

2. How about putting a little work into selling the V7 upgrade. For example, how about a list of the vast improvements from V6 to V7?

I can’t think of any software sold that doesn’t offer a comparism list when selling an upgrade.


This is reply to myself and the moderator.

As far as I can tell, these forums are what passes for tech support and the only way to communicate with Toon Boom.

This is my second post since I’ve owned toon boom. While I didn’t expect individuals to necessarily respond to my posting, I DID expect a comment from Toon Boom by either publishing the differences between V6 and V7 or answering this post.

If there is ever a third post, I am going to make it a comparism test. I will post my comment in a forum and also write it on a piece of paper. I will toss the paper post in the gutter in front of my house and then document which post method gets a response first.

Hello James,

If you are unhappy with your purchase you should contact: customerservice@toonboom.com
The user Forum is really not the venue for this type of inquiry since you will be required to
provide attitional information (dates and times of the purchase, where/how the software was purchased.
Ba aware also that there does need to be some type of cutoff date for purchasing one version and being allowed to upgade to the next version free of charge. If Toon Boom automatically updated all purchases to the next version, the company would soon go out of business and there would be no future versions.

The information is right on the “Features” page for Toon Boom Studio, I don’t know how you could have missed it.

The user forum is mostly for general and usage related issues. For customer support related issues email customerservice@toonboom.com and for technical issues you should contact support@toonboom.com.