Upgrade to Harmony Essentials

Upgrading from toon boom 5 to Upgrade to Harmony Essentials , i am under the impression that after upgrading that anything i am working on or that’s currently in tbs 5 folders will not work ,i assume the formats are very different .if i download this would i be able to go between the two if i wanted work on projects that have being in the works for as you yourselves know somethings always gets set aside because of one thing or another…i do tend to like the old format tho…i myself found it very easy to pickup. anyways i would to do the upgrade but would hate to lose the ability to go back and work on or view what i’ve done…thank you…

ok but now comes the stupid question…would i be able to buy upgrade, down load it, but activate it at a later date?

You will continue to have access to TBS. I recall seeing Toon Boom rules regarding forfeiture of the software you are upgrading from but that has changed. Since the 3-tier roll-out at least you should be able to use your old software until your hardware and operating system no longer can support it.

Using the two programs and the native project files generated by each will be just like they are two different programs. You will not be able to open files from one in the other. You will see some similarities but expect a lot of differences, if you have not already discovered this.

You don’t have to activate it immediately.

Cool, this way we can work on the old projects in tbs and not rush into learning Essentials just yet thankyou.

You could install Essentials and keep TBS running anyway. At some point you will probably want to have both to compare as you become familiar with Essentials.

Did not think they could be run at the same time but yes that could work too. thank you.