upgrade questions

Hello, I have toonboom studio 5 and a mac with os x. I had heard and dont know if its correct or not, but that there was something odd that happened if you updated to os x snow leapard with Toon boom 5. is there something to that?
I also wonder, if it is true, if I also upgrade to studio 6 if it would matter.
thanks folks,

oh, and I haven’t done any of the upgrades yet, should I upgrade to Snow Leopard BEFORE I upgrade to Studio 6?

The original version of TBS 5.0 did not work completely with Snow Leopard. This was fixed last year when snow leopard was launched. Make sure to download the most recent build.

If you upgrade your OS, especially if you format your partition, you should return your TBS 5 license before upgrading and then reactivate it with your product code afterwards.

thanks Simon,
Do you mean I should make sure to the download the most recent build of Studio or of Snow Leopard?
I’m not sure how to return my Studio license? What does that mean?
Thanks so much for your help

Make sure to download the most recent version of Studio.

Returning your license lets you install it on an other machine, the steps needed to do this are listed in this tutorial http://www.toonboom.com/support/kb/questions/153/How-do-I-deactivate-a-license%3F?431

It is also true if you upgrade to 6 since if you upgrade, you will get a code license that needs to be entered on top of the 5 license.

I think I get it.
I should
1. return my TBS 5 license
2. upgrade to OS X Snow Leopard
3. purchase the TBS 6 upgrade, load it and re-license.
is that right?
Thanks for the link to the tutorial, and for your advice.

That is basically it, the only thing is that if you upgrade to 6 you need to install the 5.0 license and then the 6.0 upgrade license.