Upgrade Question (Both Version and Platform)

I have TBS 4.0 on my old PC running XP.

I recently bought a MacBook but have been using the PC to animate. Can I upgrade to TBS 5.0 on my MacBook or do I have to upgrade on the computer with the “original” TBS version?

Also, do the Holiday Templates come with the Upgrade version or are those add-ons available only with purchases off the full version?

Thanks for your help!

You can definitely upgrade to TBS 5 on your new computer. You will need to return your TBS 4 license from the PC, and you may need to install TBS 4 on your MacBook first, then upgrade on the MacBook by inputting your TBS 4 license and then your new license.

I would imagine that the Holiday Templates do come with the upgrade version as well, but for a concrete answer send this question in an email to sales@toonboom.com.

Thanks for the response. At the same time I posted, I sent actually did send an email to Sales.

Here is their response:
"You do not need to be on the same computer where your software is installed, you will just need to sign into the account where your software is registered and you can upgrade from any computer.

Yes, you will receive the Holiday Templates with an upgrade order."

So I just finished upgrading and now have TBS 5 on my Mac…and I didn’t need to load TBS 4 or turn in my license to upgrade! Pretty easy. :smiley: