Upgrade ? Poll

Just a little poll to see how people feel about the Pro version.

Myself I feel the price is a bit over the top for the amount of new features…even with the price cut at the moment ! :-[

at the moment it’s too expensive for me.
but i’d really like to get my hands on the pro version …


Too expensive for me right now.

+1 for me, I find it’s too expensive to update for those who have already
Animate, domage … I probably would have purchased.

Thierry Lejeune “Digicod”

Already upgraded… waiting for release date.


Too be honest mate, I don’t really see the big advantage. The differences seem to be rather minor and it costs 3 times as much. Maybe someone from the TB staff can convince us?

Yeah Partoon thats exactly the way I feel.

Well it seems to be about 50/50 at the moment

However I do not think this poll will change some things?
The Toon Boom team has set a price and that’s all.

Thierry Lejeune “Digicod”

The price is out of range for me. Too prohibitive for individual animator!

After thinking about a long time and comparing the features on this side http://www.toonboom.com/products/animatepro/featuresDetailed.php , I decided I don’t buy the update.
Some of the features, like Scanning, I don’t need. And what I saw about the 3D camera is ok, but I think at the moment it’s not realy necessary for me. As in the video-demos shown, the objects turn flat, when they rotating in 3D space, which doesn’t look good. It’s not clear for me, if you can embed real 3D Objects, etc…

On the product comparison side, were Animate is compared with Animate Pro, the features like the network-thing are not explained satisfying for me. The comparison between “Toon Boom Studio” and “Animate Pro” is ok, but I would like to see in this comparison, if this features are all integrated or not in the regular “Animate” too. So I can’t realy see the advantages. The presentation and comparison on Toon Booms Side did’nt realy explaining me good, why the upgrade is worth that price-difference.

And what’s also influenced my decision:
When I bought Animate, Toon Booms Management said, “Animate” is “THE” profi-solution for nearly everything. But just a few weeks later after buying, they announced the “Pro” Version, which is now the profi-solution for nearly everything. :wink:
To be honest: this unsettled me a bit. So, I think I will wait and see, what happens next.

Best wishes to all,

I forgott to say:

http://www.toonboom.com/products/compare/ - on this side the features are rated with stars. But it would be interesstig for an user, to see more detailed what the difference is, between a feature wich is rated with two stars in Animate and with three stars in Animate Pro.

For Example: Objects Hierarchy and Parenting. Why has it three stars in Animate Pro. In detail: what’s better there?

I wish to see my questions as constructive critic for the Toon Boom Team. :slight_smile:

I came looking for the answer to this very question, but there isn’t one as far as I can determine. Also- what is “enhanced” lip sync as opposed to what the other versions have?

I just missed the deadline for the introductory offer. Just couldn’t scrape the bucks together in time (too many other bills.) If they offer it on sale again I definitely want to upgrade from Animate.

how about it admin_smiglio? Any word on upcoming promos?

Yep. Have just done so from Digital Pro.

The one and only feature difference between standard and pro of consequence to an individual animator is the annotation column. The other features are more about working in a group environment from what I can see.