Upgrade Path for Perpetual Licenses


Last year I bought a perpetual Harmony 14 Premium license and was wondering if there was an upgrade discount to Harmony 15?




Contact sales directly before following through on your purchase. They might be able to offer you something better, you never know.

Consider the following for the future:
If or once you have upgraded to the current version of Harmony invest in the Silver Support option. If you have Silver Support you automatically receive an upgrade when it comes out. But you have to be signed up before Toon Boom announces the upgrade. The price for Silver Support is less than the price for the upgrade and you also get the extra support coverage.

There is a big investment to get to the point where these benefits save you money however it can be worth it if you plan on committing to Harmony.

Harmony 15 was not announced until Sept. 2017.
H-14 was announced in June 2016.
There was no Harmony 13
H-12 was announced in April 2015.
H-11 was announced in June 2014.
H-10 was announced in Aug. 2012.

If the plan expires before the next version is announced you will not be eligible for the automatic upgrade. It may be possible to negotiate with Toon Boom if it is a matter of days/weeks but I would not bet on it.

Toon Boom has been taking longer to produce upgrades and they did not even release an official updater for Harmony 14’s bugs until after Harmony 15 was announced. Yet there were several updaters released for Harmony 12 before Harmony 14 was announced. Who knows what Toon Boom will do in the future?

Even if you invest in the support plan and they don’t release an upgrade within the year it will be less expensive renewing the support plan than letting it lapse and having to pay for the upgrade. It is at great risk if you let it lapse believing you can stretch out the time between upgrades. If they announce the upgrade while you are in between plans you will have to pay for the upgrade.

Again, if you plan on committing to Harmony sign up for a support plan.

Thanks for the info and the link. I’ll check out the silver support option.

It’s kind of ridiculous that they charge so much for an upgrade…they want $1000 for it!

They need to be careful with their pricing since Adobe has been putting some serious work into Animate. They just might price themselves out the of the prosumer market.

I mean for 50 bucks a month you get the entire Adobe catalog…you can’t even get Harmony Premium for that price.



if you live in Harmony all day long like I do, it is worth it. I bought in on Harmony 10. Since then I have renewed my Silver Support every year at 300/yr. That works out to 25/month. They have a generous grace period between renewing support as well.

if Adobe wants to be really aggressive they need to completely scrap Animate. It’s Flash with a new set of clothes on. I have zero faith that Adobe will do that. They make fine products that I use every day. Flash has not nor has it ever been one of them.