Upgrade/improvement suggestion

Hi there,

Just wanted to share with IT department (I don’t know where to send this) a possible upgrade/improvement suggestion with regards Storyboard pro.

I don’t know it could be possible, but it would be very helpful (at least for me :slight_smile: to have two image, or more, timeline -image- tracks (same as the audio tracks). This could have a lot of possibilities when boarding action scenes with animated backgrounds etc…

Thank you!


I also think Multiple Video tracks like Avid express would be very usefullittle.
Best Mads

Hi there!

That would be great if any moderator or thecnical staff could have an answer.

I think Storyboard pro is the best tool for storyboarding, but sometimes is a bit desperating to have, for example, a shot with a pan background and some character action into another layer. The only way is to spread and cut the panels and therefore the background layer (with a motion layer) what ruins any following editing/revision.

Thank you so much for your time!


I don’t understand what you’re trying to explain.
Perhaps some pictures could help.

I am seconding the suggestion to have at least another image track in the timeline for future versions of Storyboard Pro - that would be very useful indeed!


Following up with my previous comment, here an image of what I tried to explain:


A second video track could help to make a simple walking movement with a pan background without having to “split panel at current frame” wich causes the software to crash a lot of times.

Also, a larger thumbnail view (without the filename) could help to see better complex pictures (backgrounds etc…)

Hope it’s clear and can help developers to improve Storyboard Pro.

Thanks in advance,