Upgrade from trial to licence version problem (Harmony): loop with license activation


I have checked the forum but could not find the same problem.

Some months ago I have installed the trial version of Harmony Premium on my PC. After the trial period expired I have now purchased the subscription licence of the advanced version because I found out this version is the right one for my purpose.

The first thing I did is to deinstall the Premium software and installed the downloaded advanced version.

By the first startup I could activate the licence and got the message “Your license is valid until: 10-Apr-2016”.
After click on the “Start”-Button there is a message “Unable to find a valid license for this application. The license activation wizard will be launched automatically”.
To return the license and activate it again causes the same procedure.

Does somebody have the same problem?
Do I need to clean up any registry stuff or to do anything else to “cleanup” my PC?


Contact Support so they can walk you through the process. This can sometimes be a system-specific process.