Upgrade from Studio WITH student pricing?

Hello everyone,

as mentioned in another thread, I am currently testing out Harmony on a friend’s machine and all in all I have to say, I am more than satisfied.
I really think about getting Harmony now, although it doesn’t have to be the Premium version because I simply can’t spend almost 2000$ on software. I didn’t even pay that much for my computer.
So my first thought was ‘just buy Essentials, that’s affordable’, but I definitely need 4k support and so my choice would be Harmony Advanced.
But then again, almost 1000$ are still a lot of money.

As a student, I already checked the education special pricing of course and I still have my Toon Boom Studio license which could be used for upgrading, as I just found out, which is great. But in that case, I wouldn’t get the student pricing.

So I have to decide between upgrading, which would cost me 726$ (from Studio to Harmony Advanced), and renting as a student, which would be about 6 to 17$ monthly.
I know the latter is not that much but since I’m really not a fan of ‘renting software’, I would rather BUY it.

Now I was wondering if there isn’t a combination of both. Shouldn’t it be possible to upgrade AND getting the student discount?
Or do I really have to bite the bullet?

Many thanks in advance.


You should contact sales@toonboom.com with your question.
They’ll be more suited to answer you.