upgrade from Studio v5


Recently upgraded from studio v4.5 to v5.
Today want to upgrade to Animate Pro.
Is this possible?
Trying to purchase Pro I received following message:
licensenumber of v4.5 is expired
licensenumber of V5 is not accepted
Can you please tell me what is possible in my case.


I have the same problem trying upgrade toonBoom studio 5
to Animate.
I’am waiting for the solution :o


For the upgrade from version 5.0 it is currently unavailable through the website (we are working on that at the moment). This being said you can complete the upgrade by going through our sales department at sales@toonboom.com.

As for your version 4.5 key, if it was already used to upgrade to another software it gets disabled for further upgrades so it is normal that you get the message you mentioned bellow.

Concerning Malori’s issue, did you upgrade that key to another software before?

Best regards,


Hello Ugo,

thanks for your answer.
I will pretty soon contact sales about the issue.

Best regards.