Upgrade, Cross-grade Prices Driving Me Crazy!!

Below are the sale prices as of December 2013 at Toon Boom. I’m a Toon Boom 7/8 user. Also, I paid “full price” for Toon Boom 7 when I invested in it almost two years ago.
First, I just want to point out that the “Beginner” bundle is no bargain. From the same price list you can buy Studio and eLearning for $30 less than the “Bundle” price.
Also, if you’re Studio 7 or 8 user and you want to Cross-grade to Animate 3 it actually costs $450, that’s $150 more than buying it outright on the sale price. Indeed, if you check the “cross-grade” prices on Animate Pro 3 or Story Board Pro 4 ($310 more!!) they are also higher then buying outright. In short, you’d be a fool to cross-grade from any existing product given that buying at the sale prices (which occur every few months or so) is cheaper. Why not treat existing users with better pricing than what you’re offering new users?

For the record, Full License “Sale” Prices Today are:

Beginner Bundle (Studio & eLearning): $199
Toon Boom Studio 8: $119
Story Board Pro 4: $389
Animate 3: $299
Animate Pro 3: $679

Flip Boom: $29
Story Board 1.5: $99
Flip Boom Cartoon: $29
Animationish: $49
Garfield’s Comic Boom: $19
eLearning: $50