Upgrade backdrop with drawings as bg and notes

Personally i love Backdrops, they help organize the nodes big time, but i think it could go a step further by allowing drawings or images in these backdrops as background.
The screenshot i attached from previous work is an example of how i sort of tried to use the backdrop to look like a figure as that way i quickly know what each node is but it would be even nicer if i could import drawings/ images that illustrate even more what the backdrop contains without the need to read the names.
I think it would help alot of artists to customise the node hierarchy for better navigation.

Then we have the node for notes. I assume thats just for making notes but to really see the text in it, i have to eather view it in layer properties or open the node in new window. I think it could un-collapse and show the whole text inside the node view, saving a number of clicks.

Miu3, I have begun to use Backdrops to organize as well. What I want to do is save out effects and rigging and cutters, camera setups, etc, and save them out as templates, but use Backdrops to organize and describe the specifics of what I set up. The idea is that if I want to use a shaky camera rig, I grab the template from my library. It is contained in a backdrop and I am able to read info on it before I use it. I would use the contents in a backdrop and delete the backdrop ultimately.

Here is an example of what I would like to see for Backdrops.


I would like to see formatting options in the Backdrops window when you enter the text. This would allow me to make more compelling templates that would be very informative and I feel like I could hand them over to somebody and they would be able to grasp things faster.