updating templates...which are on stage!


Ok, hopefully I can explain my problem clearly hehe :smiley:

Hope someone can help!



I got interested in this and looked up templates in Help and found a couple of things out.

If you pull a template into a media element instead of a drawing element, a couple of things happen. If you change the template in your library, it changes all productions that piece shows up in. Also, it reduces the file size of your production file.

This is what is referred to as linking the template.

From help:

To link a template to a media element:

1. Select Element > Add > Media. A new element appears in the Exposure Sheet and Timeline window.

2. In the Library window, select the template you want to link and drag it to the media element you created.

You can also create a media element as you link a template, by pressing [Alt] as you drag the template to the Exposure Sheet or Timeline window.

Toon Boom Studio links to the original file and displays the contents of the file in the View windows.

I’ll mess around with this and see what else turns up.

Wow! brilliant thanks! ;D

I will try messing around with that - it sounds like what Im looking for. Thanks Rob


This was good for me to find also. I think I had a dream about it last night, actually, trying to work out the media element end of things in the X-sheet… anybody else have animation dreams??

This way I can make changes to my character sets one time and use 'em all I want in several files without changing it more than the once.

I do that…when I’m working on something, whether it be my motorcycle or an animation (which is more often than the bike) I dream about it, usually some detail over and over again.

Hey!! I looked at your website and you have some terrific stuff! Really great drawings and paintings! I can’t wait to see what you do with Toon Boom. My connection at work is pretty spotty sometimes, so I couldn’t watch your film, but I’m interested.

Animation dreams? hmm… not had any recently hehe… sounds serious Rob. ;D

hehe, well dreaming about it seems to have been fruitful - have you solved a lot of problems that way? I should try it :smiley:

Wow, thanks Rob! Glad you liked my work! ;D Hope you signed my guestbook hehe. Im currently testing toonboom for my company, but im considering buying for myself as I think its pretty good software. Hmmm did you try right clicking and saving my film to disc? If its still too big, I could try making a tiny version for you to see!

Just noticed you got a website too. I will check it out later when im not at work… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Guys,

Let me explain something about colors and templates. TBS uses color ID to display the colors. The color ID of a template is different then the color ID from a scene even if the color is really the same value.

This is to be able to have multiple templates (or poses) of one character and then drag them in a scene where all the color would be the automatically the same.

I have a character with a red hat, If the hat is red in all templates but in a scene I want it dark red (because of shadow or something) then you don’t need to update all your templates. Just change the red color (from the character’s recovered Palette of the scene) drag your template and the color will be updated for all templates using this color because I would update the color id of the scene and not in the template itself.

When you modify the colors in a template, you don’t change the color in a scene. If you want to modify the color of one or multiple templates, modify the color you used in the scene to paint this template and not the color inside the template.

This is also I don’t recommend naming your color red or blue but something like “hat” “shirt” “eye balls” since you don’t want all red painted regions to change to dark red when I change the red color of my hat. Two similar (or same) red color could be used to paint different regions to eventually save time when it’s time to retouch the animation and adjust the colors. Creating palettes will also help organize all your colors.

Now this the default behavior of Toon Boom Studio. When changing a color in a template, you don’t change the color in a scene but you can have other behavior (like the one you are looking for).

Alternative method:

If you want your scene to take the new updated color of a template (for all instance of this color in a scene on all templates using this color ID e.g. changing the hat color to for all templates using this hat) drag it in the time line, one a frame (not on the left side with the layer) and hold alt. This will bring the drag and drop properties window. From this window you can change some options including the “Update Color” option.

Click that option and the color ID of the scene will update from the template color. Note that every drawing using this color id will now have the updated color.

Now if you want only one instance of this color to be change in a scene, hold alt while dragging in the left side of the timeline. Holding alt when dragging in the left side of the time line will, as Rob explained very well, create a media link. A link to the template in the library will use the color ID inside the template and not the scene’s color ID compare to a template that was dropped in a drawing element that will use teh scene’s color id.

All this is of course to let the users choose which color to use and this can be a time saver when working on a production and you want all your templates to look the same.

Any questions ? :wink:

I hope this is not too confusing. Experiment with these tricks to get comfortable using colors in templates with Toon Boom Studio.


Hi Mathieu!!

That helps a bit…

When I cut and pasted the section from help, I actually didn’t read the whole thing. I think I had a momentary lapse of literacy…

Anyway, what I didn’t clue in on is the use of a media element, which I’ve never used before. Is that new to 3.0?

One thing I’m interested in doing is setting up a rigged character as a template, but being able to edit that character template over time and have the changes reflect in all projects he/she appears in.

I tried dragging the Der-Der rig and he came as a fully assembled piece that could not be animated. How would I create a re-usable rig from media elements? Would I create the rig with media elements the first time I build it. Can I edit these media elements in Toon Boom?

(I got really interested in this and will likely do further experimenting as time permits at home)