Updating library

I have created a cutout model and saved it in the library. Now that I am animating with it, I see that I have left out several mouth and eye positions. I can create additional replaceable cell drawings in the scene but how do I get them back into the library copy?

There are several approaches possible.
1. Go to your library template and right click on it and use “edit template” to open the template for you to edit it.

2. Another approach is to create an additional scene in your current project. Pull the library copy of the character’s template into this new scene. Then using cut and paste drawing object you can transfer drawings from you updated version in the other scene to this version in the new scene. Once the updating is done between these scenes move the update character version to the library and delete the previous character template which you have now replaced with the new updated version. I tend to like this approach best as it lets you easily toggle between scenes to cut and paste drawing objects from your improved version to this new version. You can delete the additional scene when finished or just un-check it to keep it from rendering later.

Just remember that to update a template you either edit the existing template in the library or you replace the existing template with an updated version. -JK

I had discovered method #2 and so far like building a character in a second scene. Using method #2 I would:

Hoping for the day I am working with a team, I was wonder if there was an easier way.

What is Reload Original Template?

If I used method #1, would you update the character in the original scene the same way?


I don’t know, unless you are referring to Reload Default Templates which is a way to restore your library with the original template set provided by Toon Boom Animation when they shipped the software.

Not sure I understand the question. But I think you are asking if you update a template in your library does it update previously used versions in your projects and the answer is “no” only future uses. So you would have to go and update the previously used copies as needed individually.

This is the safest way because it keeps library changes from “breaking” previously done project work. Just my opinion based on surprises I’ve experienced when working with linked libraries in other software. -JK


Thanks for your quick help!