Updating imported images...

I looked in the help, and couldn’t find anything on the subject. However, what I would like to do is something I do in both After Effects, Premiere, Flash, and TVPaint, which is be able to update and image I have imported… So I’ve done some rough boards, and I’d like to be able to just replace the background .jpg I’m using with a different one, but still retain the animation associated with it… Is that possible?


Then you are best to animate on a peg, then when you delete it all the animation will be stored on a peg.

You could also copy and paste the animation over but that wouldn’t be as neat.

ok, I’ll give that a try…



Also what you can do is you can simply import the updated background image onto the same layer. Then you can swap the new image so that it’s exposed for the whole timeline. Because we treat drawings and keyframes separately, even if there are keyframes on the layer, it should still work.