Updating Characters From Templates

Maybe I’m missing the point of templates. To simplify things…

1) I create a drawing of a square. I add it to my templates
2) Create a new project… drop in a square from that template
3) Right mouse click the template and Edit…
4) Change the square in some manner… let’s say stretch it about to make a rectangle
5) Point of confusion… no ‘save’ button here… I right mouse and select 'return to scene’
6) My square from step 2 is unaltered
7) I drag a new instance of the square into the scene… it’s a rectangle

A) Once I drop a template into the sceneplanner… does it lose all relationships to the template? Is it truly just a template with no other ‘magical’ powers?

B) Is there any way to create templates of templates or some kind of secondary class of a template? I would like to create a singular character… let’s say “ACat” then create 3 templates of the same looking cat “Sam, Ted, Bill” but only change their color. Going back to “Cat”, I would like to lengthen the tail and see that change in Sam, Ted and Bill in the templates (and ultimately in the scenes). Is that possible? How far does it go?

Using Toon Boom Studio 3.5 build 59 / G4 iMac OSX 10.4.8

The Library Window or “Template Browser” some people like to call it,
is the center of managing re-usable content in any way you like,
very powerful and versatile - one of the very strong features in Toon Boom Studio.

You can modify and edit content in any way, as long as you link your content
(via Media Elements) - Toon Boom Studio will update your animation on the fly.

To explain all the features here would fill several pages.

Please have a look in the Toon Boom Studio V3.5 User Guide,
page 366 onwards, everything is explained there very thoroughly.