updating an animated rig from the template

So I’ve got a rigged puppet which has been animated (movemnt, lip-sync). I then went in and updated the library template for the rig (cleaned up the lines and added a few more hand symbols). Reading around I understand that updating the library template won’t update the rig already int eh scene. However, I really don’t want to spend hours re-animating the updated template all over again. Is there a way to update the teplpate rig already in the library with the template in the library while still keeping the animation intact?

If anything this may get your mind going in a direction that leads to a solution at the least.

Going by your description it looks like you created a Master Template.

Did you work with Action Templates?

Here is a suggestion:

Make copies to try an experiment.

If you can create an Action Template off the existing animation (pre-Master Template update), try creating a test project file and dropping the Action Template onto the updated Master Template. You could receive an immediate rejection as it may not allow you to do this if there are too many changes/differences. If the software does allow you to drop the Action Template onto the updated Master Template scrub through and look for any artifacts and decide whether they can be corrected efficiently.

You may find that the reaction to the updated Master Template is easier to correct than starting from scratch. At that point you can decide whether using the updated Master Template is worth the extra work that is involved.

Hope this is helpful.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll give this a try.