Updateing a puppet?

How do you update a chartacter in the Animate library?

I have built a basic one view model and wish to add more alternate views and shapes. I know this is not the suggested method but you always have to edit and update models.

At the moment I am tying to add more I shapes that I have in the scene to the character template.


If you already did all your changes on the stage the easiest way would be to either delete the old version from the library and replace it by the new one you have on stage or create a new version (name it differently).

If you want to modify a currently existing template you should use the Edit Template option available from the library which will open the template inside a new project window.



I have already tried editing the template in the new window. If I tried to copy the cells arcross in to the symbols, the frames came out blank. And if I droped in a new symbol to replace the old I could not arrange the display order correctly. Why can’t you simply swap symbols?

Thanks for the tips.

I’ve managed to updated the template. I had to select copy and paste each image inturn, to update the symols within the template. For some reason I could not transfer any of the frames(cells) or multipule frames. They alway came out Blank.

I have managed to sortout the diplay orders. I was not useing the correct shortcut.