Updated Export Doesn't Show Updates?

I’m re-exporting an swf out of Studio 4.5, but the new export looks exactly like the original exported file. None of the changes (simple color gradient changes in the bottom layer) are showing in the new swf. I’ve changed the file name, restarted the software, restarted the computer, but the exported file doesn’t update, even though I see the changes in Toon Boom. I’d rather not the file name again, because it’s linked to an After Effects project, and edited into an FCP project.

Wonder what’s going on.

Ok - this is REALLY not good!

I’ve renamed everything, restarted the software and computer, exported a smaller section of the timeline, exported an mov instead of an swf, but it’s not showing the color updates.

Does it have something to do with the pallets? For some reason TB has created multiple pallets for this project. I created a custom color pallet and saved it externally, using only those colors on all my scenes. However, I’ve noticed if I save a layers to the library, colored with my custom color pallet, and then import the layer into another project, that has the custom color pallet already loaded, TB will create new color swatches for the imported layer, even though the EXACT same colors are already loaded from the color pallet.

This is a very serious issue. Do I have to recolor everything again? What have I done that’s ‘confusing’ TB?

Ok - now I’m totally and completely confused.

What I thought was ‘solid’ was actually a gradient that was ‘past it’s blend’. I’ve run experiments (going on 3 hours trying to solve this problem), and found that if a gradient fill area is very large, and is pushed far back in z space, the blend point runs outside of the fill area - but only on export as an swf. In the project file, it appears correctly. In my test, I drew 5 boxes and filled them with 5 different custom gradients. When everything is at ‘normal’ size (fills the screen width), it looks fine. If I scale the art up drastically larger (artwork falls off screen all around), and pan the camera across the new art - the blends are fine. But, if I push the art back into 3D space, and then scale it to a larger size (not moving the camera) when I export an swf the blend ‘center’ is no where near where it appears in the project. Does it have to do with the z space?

How do I get gradient blends on artwork pushed back and rescaled in z space to export properly into an swf file? I’ve worked with the ‘edit texture’ feature and that doesn’t solve the problem. If I export as a frame, or an mov, the blends are fine. If I ‘test movie’ through the TB project (CMND + return) the blends are fine. Only when I ‘export movie’ as a Flash Movie. My jpg value is set to 100% and I don’t have any of the other options selected. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

It is possible that .swf does not support all graphics.

To verify this, export to .mov and see if it appears as it should.

Debbie -

Thank you for your reply. An exported mov file shows the gradient blend correctly.

Also, when I create a preview from the timeline (CMND + RETURN, or just RETURN) the clip created shows the gradient correctly. It’s only when I ‘export’ an swf that the problem occurs. Is there any way that I can use the preview file that’s created? I’m assuming that it’s an swf because it opens in my web browser.

Also, just to clarify, this is not a graphic. It’s a custom gradient created in Studio, and then filled into an area that is created with the brush tool - no external elements are imported. If that makes a difference.

Thanks for your help in this matter! It’s frustrating, but if I have to forgo seeing the actual image until final HD output (mov) then that’s just how it has to be. I’ll continue to create my test runs with the swf format, but I’ll just remember that it’s not exactly what the end result will be.

Thank you for your feedback!

Please try ctrl + shift + return or from the top menu, Play > Preview Movie.

Kindly let us know if this works for you.

Yes, that works. Meaning, the gradient displays correctly when performing in app previews. (CMND+Shift+Return, or Return)

However, that doesn’t work for my overall project workflow. I need to be able to export .swf files to use in other editing software. .swf files created using the ‘export’ option under the ‘file’ menu do not display the gradient correctly.

Exporting in .mov file works (the gradients display correctly), but I can’t use rasterized art. I need to maintain the vector all the way through to final output. If you have any other suggested output file formats that are vector, I’d be happy to use those instead!

Thank you for your help.