Update requires money or not?

Hi everyone.

It’s been a while since I last used Toon boom harmony. (about 2 years, I’d say).
I have Toon Boom 14 and now its been updated to Toon Boom 15. Is there a way to get an update for free?
I bought the perpetual license.

With the perpetual license you buy a license for the current version, in your case, Harmony 14. As far as I know, there’s no way to get an update for free.

People who buy a suscription receive all the updates.

Ok. Thanks.

People with perpetual licenses will be able to upgrade for free if they have a valid support contract (would need to be renewed yearly).

If you’d have the right to upgrade, the new file would appear in your account for download.

To expand on what Luis mentioned, if you are serious about using Harmony and want to upgrade invest in the Silver Support plan soon. A new version of Harmony is due over the course of the next several months (probably late summer onward into fall or winter but don’t depend on Toon Boom’s unreliable timing which could surprize everyone and be early some day). You need to have that support plan active at the time the new release is ANNOUNCED in order to receive it at no charge. The upgrade is included as part of the support plan so it is a bargain compare with the price of an upgrade outside a support plan. That is, so long as the policy which I have taken advantage of for the previous 2 upgrades does not change.

NOTE: being that you are at 14 and not current at 15 you will have to pay additional money to be up to date, another stipulation of this support plan option.