Update pivot not working

I’m trying to use Update Drawing Pivot in paste special and not getting any luck.
I’m creating a simple drawing element and setting the pivot on it. I attach it to a peg. Select the drawing element again and copy cells form time line.
I then select the peg, hit paste special and within that dialogue box go to Advanced. check Update Drawing Pivot and hit enter. Nothing happens.
The Peg’s pivot does not move.
I’m using Animate Pro 2. Any ideas?

A peg’s pivot is different from a drawing pivot. On a drawing pivot, you can have a different pivot for each drawing. On a peg layer, you just have one pivot for the whole timeline, and you can edit this pivot by moving the centre of the Rotate tool.

If you need to have different pivots on a peg over time, then in Animate Pro a peg layer can inherit the pivots from a drawing layer. If you would like to use this option, then double-click on the drawing layer that’s a child of the peg whose pivots you’d like to use. Then in the Drawing tab, under Embedded Pivots, select the option Apply Embedded Pivot on Parent Peg

Just be forewarned, if you have already modified the pivot of the peg layer with the rotate tool, this pivot is added to the pivot that you embed from your drawing layer - so choose to do one or the other.