update licences so users can use apps on at least 2 machines


I use studio device and tablet device. (Mac and Surface).
I woul like to use my Toon Boom product on both.

currently Toon Boom licences needs me to deactivate it on one machine and activate on another.
I do belive most users will agree with me that this is way too cumbersome, so here’s the feature request:
let customers use licenses on alt least 2 machines. Every app I use on the daily basis let’s me do this. Every Adobe product, Clip Studio, Moho, all DAWs I’ve ever used or tried do.

Thank you

Yes, it’s true, as long as they’re not used concurrently there shouldn’t be a problem.

It would also be nice to be able to return license from the second machine where the license is activated if let’s say, the computer stops working

That´s a great idea.
I use Harmony at the office every day, then I go home at night and I want to keep working on my personal computer and doing all that return and reactivate license is really cumbersome .

+100 for the ability to use harmony on 2 machines without license return etc hassle…

As mentioned, almost all software has this as standard for many years… toon boom is so late to the party…