Update/edit bitmap image files in Harmony Network database?


If you are working in offline, you can get to the project>elements folder to find your background element folder. You can there open your images in photoshop, edit them, save them and the images will update automatically in your scene. (if you re-open the scene)

But i can’t seem to find where this stuff is stored when using the Harmony database… How do i get to these images/psd files? Is there a way through the Control Center? It only shows ‘‘Send to vectorize’’ and ‘‘Send to unvectorize’’ when right clicking on elements in the element section. :frowning: I hope anyone can help me.

Kind regards :slight_smile:

If you’re using a bitmap without vectorizing it’s at the original directory where it was stored on the machine (for instance, c:\project\backgrounds). You should be able to find the path clicking on the element module or through the Layer Properties window. In the Layer Properties Drawing tab you have “Drawing Path” that should point for the location of that image.

I’m not using the Database version right now, but it should be the same.

If you know the name of the image file you can search your system or any connected through a network, provided that option is available and enabled, and once you get a result you can look at the path to its location.

Thanks Icanua. :slight_smile:

Thanks to that trick I now know that the Harmony ‘‘database folder’’ is stored directly in the C drive… I already thought it was strange that the ‘user-folder’ in ‘‘Users’’ that Harmony created didn’t have any scene files…

Normally images are stored within the project folder itself for offline if you imported the image rather than linking to it.

Projectname (folder contains…)
elements (folder which contains)
elementname (folder which contains)

The project folder itself is created in the user’s documents folder by
default or wherever you initially created it. When you launch the program
it holds the recently opened project list but this list only holds a few
projects and is not aware when you manually move/copy/rename project
folders using the O.S.

When you mouse over the recent projects it will give you the path where it is located. From within the software, going to File-Open Recent will also give you the location but again - this list is finite and only useful for the most recently saved projects if you have very many.


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