Upcoming video tutorials

Howdy all,

I’m soon to be posting some video tutorials for TBS 3.5. So what I’d like from you are some topic suggestions. I’ve been putting together some stuff for a cut-out tutorial that will cover the process of cutting out & assembling a character from scratch, and of course address peg heirarchies & element layering which go along with rigging a cut-out toon. I’ll have this one ready ASAP, it shouldn’t take that long to make, I just have a lot going on this week.

I’ve also got some things in mind for a lip-synching tutorial, but after that I’m not sure what people want to know, I don’t just want to recycle Steve Ryan’s tut’s, but if people want some basic info on the program I’ll do it since his were from version 2.0. So please tell me if you have something specific you’d like to see addressed & I’ll do what I can. If I don’t hear anything, then I’ll just make them on topics as I think of them.

Hopefully there will be some interest, & more importantly, I hope some of you will find the tut’s helpful in your endeavors. I’ll post something as soon as I get one up, but for now just leave me topic suggestions if you have any.


You are a brave soul, just hanging it all out there. Anything you choose to do will be appreciated. Let me know if I can be of any assistance. But you best get one under your belt before your commit to a whole series. They are more work than you might imagine. Best wishes -JK

heh, maybe, but only if someone else starts responding to my posts, right now I think my blog has an audience of 3 ::slight_smile:

I’m sure you can & positive that I will :slight_smile:

I did a dry run of what I think will be the first one, but you’re right about them being involved. Definitely not something to just do on a whim with no planning.

My motivation behid them is purely selfish really. So far I’ve found nothing helps me understand something better than explaining it to someone else. Forcing myself to really think about something & articulate the steps involved helps me wrap my head around ideas, & I usually find I have a better grasp of them after I explain them to someone else.

In fact, half the time I answer (or try to answer) people’s questions on these forums, I don’t even know the answer in the first place - but the questions stimulate me, so I do some homework & find the answer. Then I respond with what I found, & what do you know?.. I usually learn something ;D

It’s like when my Dad taught me geometry by staying one page ahead of me in my textbook. For whatever reason, teaching seems to be the best method of learning I’ve found so far.

Hi Pat,

Nice initiative ;D

If you stumble on anything while you are making those feel free to ask.

Best regards,


That is a wonderful observation. I have to totally agree, and at the same time you are inspiring and helping others. That’s a win for you and a win for everyone else. -JK

Hi I’m so new I haven’t even started yet. Is there a realllly simple intro tutorial?


Hi Wendy,

For a basic but thorough overview of TBS I would reccommend you check out Steve Ryan’s tutorials:http://www.steveryan.net/Tutorials/ToonBoom.htm#

They will walk you through getting started & familiarizing yourself with the drawing view/camera view/explosure sheet/timeline etc…

Keep in mind though that they were done with V 2.0, not 3.5 which you are probably using. Most of what he says still applies though, but there have been a number of changes.

Another great place to start is with anything written by JK. He has at least 3 blogs dedicated to cartooning, one of which is specifically geared towards TBS. Check out his Tips & tricks thread above this one, as well as his sites. You’ll be cheating yourself if you dont.

As for my tuts, the first one is on the way as soon as I can get my sound & video to line up >:(
The first one will be on creating and rigging a cut out character, & I think I’ll do a lip-synch one after that, but then I think it might be good to go back to step one & more or less give an updated “3.5 version” of Steve Ryan’s tuts for V 2.0. Then it will be easier for new users to work through all the tutorials that come later.

Hope you find some good info, & always feel free to ask questions :slight_smile:

Great Kdog, can’t wait!!! When are we expecting them?

The two tutorials you mentioned: the Cut-Out and the Lip-Syncing are the most wanted ones. However, I would also like to see something about Camera moves: like Zooming in and out, easing in and out, cuts between characters speaking etc…

Cheers for your great efforts, it is highly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi Meeky,

It might not be a video but the camera movement has been covered in one of the online articles. You can get access to it at the following location:


Best regards,


Hi Meeky,

Glad to see there’s some interest. :slight_smile: Good suggestions too, but in the meantime follow Ugo’s advice, & there are a couple of recent threads on camera moves as well you might check out.

At the moment the only hold up on the first tutorial is my lack of technical knowledge. I have the cut out tut finished but have not been able to get my sound & video synched up. Its cool for the first few minutes but gradually the sound gets ahead of the video, & after another couple minutes you hear me describing steps completely different than the ones you see on the screen. Obviously I don’t want to put out a tutorial that will confuse people instead of help them, so I’ve got to take a little time to play with the settings on my screen recorder & such.

I apologize it’s taken this long, just had a ton going on this week, home renovations & such. I’m really hoping to steal a couple hours tomorrow evening & if all goes well get it fixed up & on my site before the weekend is over. I’ll keep posting updates on my blog if there are any more delays, & again sorry it’s taken this long, I didn’t anticipate having to wrestle with the recording settings so much.

Dear Kdog, I appreciate what you want to do to help us. I am new to animation and I love cartoons and the making of cartoons… and I really want to know the “How To” bit of making a cartoon.

Regarding your Audio/Video problem, although I am very new to TBS, I thought you sync your sound with Timeline view and the edit sound with the scrubbing on. I guess Steve Ryan, JK or any other experienced member could give you a helping hand on that issue.

Good luck, we can’t wait to see some Tut soon :slight_smile:


The problem isn’t with TBS at all. In fact the example I use in the tut doesn’t have any sound.

The problem is with my settings on the screen capture program I’m using. It records an AVI file of all on screen activity, & records audio of my voice from a microphone. For some reason, the video gradually lags behind my voice when I play the file, which is what I have to figure out. I should have enough time over the weekend to do that.

First of all, JK, stop being right… :wink:

Second & more importantly, I finally got some good results. I posted some details on my blog, but in short, the first tutorial will be broken into a few smaller pieces, the first of which is finished & with good quality. I didn’t have time to upload it before work, but I did get the results I wanted, so hopefully I can get it posted before work tomorrow & the other pieces shortly thereafter.

Ok, I’m out of excuses so it’s time to start producing something right? Here you go… it isn’t perfect quality by any stretch, but it will have to do for now. If I can improve it without adding 50 terrabytes I will, but working with free hosting services I can’t promise anything there. The sound is fine & the video is comparable to Steve Ryan’s. Mine looks a little choppier as you’ll see it, but in full screen on my comp it is about the same. I haven’t figured out how to play it in full screen on the host site though, so you’ll respectfully just have to deal with it unless you can figure it out. (if you do, please share)

Keep in mind this is just part one of the first tutorial. Now that I know what I’m doing (sort of) I will get the other parts done by wednesday. I can’t do it all in one shot due to file size.

First of all, congratulations on completing your first video. Thanks for all that hard work. Many people want to have videos like this to use in learning TBS so you are definitely addressing a need.

As per some of our off forum discussions, I wanted to make a suggestion for some future directions for videos. (This is certainly only my personal opinion and please take it for just that and nothing else.) I think that shorter and more focused videos are needed to build a learning base. I understand and appreciate the desire to jump right to the “big” stuff like cutouts and lip sync. But, a series of quick and direct to specific features videos would not only be easier to produce but also would build the foundation for more complex videos later. Here are some examples of topics: Using the contour edit tool, Using the eraser, cutter and scissors tool, copying art between cells, setting up a color pallet, setting up and using pens, using the cell swapping panel…etc. Each video might only run a minute or two and be very specific but also very in depth.

As I said this is just my personal opinion and suggestion and doesn’t represent anyone else, so perhaps other readers will offer their ideas and input here for you as well. -JK

those are some really good ideas. I have the audio done for about 20 mins worth of remainin cut out stuff. It will take me some time to edit it, but it will probably end up as 3 or four sections around the length of the first one. I could probably crank out a couple of tthe ones you suggested in the meantime as I edit the big ones.

I hoped to have the cut out fully complete by now, but I had a three day weekend & the carpenter was almost finished so I spent my time moving furniture & setting up a new workstation for myself. I’ve got myself a pretty sweet little pseudo-studio w/2 monitors & my light table right next to the comp, so I can swivel back & forth on a chair from one to the other. I’m pretty pumped to get to work with this new set up, & I’ll be starting with the tuts.

Finally got the rest of the cut out tutorial finished & uploaded. Sorry it took so long, just had a lot going on & also underestimated how much time these would require.

Anyway, check it out & please let me know what you think. They aren’t perfect, but I hope some of you find them useful.


I watched your cutout tutorial and found it very informative. I am a high school teacher in Texas and plan to teach this to my students. question: in lesson 4 of the TBS tutorials on building a mutliplane they say to click on view >sceneplanning mode to switch to sceneplanning mode. I have clicked on view and can not find scene planning mode anywhere. I know it has to be me and I am not looking in the right place. If you could help me I would really appreciate it. Thanks karen

Hi Karen, glad to hear you found the tut helpful, & flattered to hear you might use it as a reference, thank you :slight_smile:

As far as those references to sceneplanning mode, that’s just another way of saying camera view. Basically drawing should be done in drawing view & working with the exposure sheet, and sceneplanning, compositing, etc should be done in camera view, working with the timeline. Sometimes camera view/sceneplanning mode get used interchangeably because you are using the sceneplannig tools while in camera view.
Hope that clears it up, sorry if the confusion was generated on my end. Fire away if you have any other questions.

No it wasnt from your end as far as the confusion goes. I am teaching myself through the toon boom tut and could not find the sceneplanning mode anywhere. Trying to find help I ran across your tut and was glad I did. You have been a great help. Keep up the good work. ;D