Unwanted tweening between similar frames

Hi! We’ve been having a strange problem. When we translate a peg in one direction (say “Y”), and tween between the pegs, a curve appears even if the two keys are the same value.

The problem’s mostly showing up with pegs bowing in the ‘z’ axis and appearing in front of drawings they shouldn’t during tweens, even if the z value of the two keys remains the same. (Ie, the z value of the keys is .0010B, and in the middle of the tween it is .0012B, then back to .0010B at the next placed key.)

We tried several ways of making the tween linear (the drop down menu above the timeline, set ease for multiple parameters, scooting keys in the 3D path editor), but it seems like this slight ‘bowing’ in the path editor still appears.

Any idea on why this is happening, and how it can be fixed?

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: