Unwanted clipping of sound file

In Toon Boom Studio v4.0, I loaded a sizable mp3 background sound file (about 15 minutes). After working with it for a good number of hours, I discovered that the last few seconds of it were clipped off (about 5 seconds). I reloaded it, and the problem is still there.

Before I try the obvious set of workarounds (loading it as an AIFF, or tacking silence onto the end) that will take some serious effort, is there another possible change that would help, like changing a mp3 size limitation?



The mp3 compressiong is not recognized too well by the Quicktime interface that is currently used to analyze the sound. This may cause issue when you export later on so the first thing I would suggest would be to try going for a wav or aif format.

Next concerning the sound itself you might want to cut it down in multiple piece of sound that you will put back together later on. This will allow you to work in multiple scenes inside Toon Boom Studio which will lighten the amount of information the software will have to process and prevent sound desynchronization over time. Try not going above 1000 frames per scenes so you can cut your sound in consequence and you should notice performances and synch improvements in your project.

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Thanks for the information. I’ll give your suggestions a try. You saved me a good deal of time.