Unresponsive/Lagging Drawings

Hi all,

I’m experiencing some difficulty when drawing onto my Ugee 21.5" tablet in Storyboard Pro. I’m using Windows 10 with a Quadro K620 Graphics Card.

When I have two monitors on, brushstrokes that I make aren’t showing up at all, and when I only have my tablet on, brushstrokes show up but are either very erratic, lacking sensitivity but often the screen will just become unresponsive to any other drawings I do. This could be a problem with Storyboard Pro, or with the Ugee tablet, or the graphics card, or all three.

However, the UI noticeably slows down when I draw: I can’t pan around the scene, I can’t select anything with the lasso and when I flick back and forth between panels the correct drawings don’t show up in the Stage View. This is the first time I’ve ever had a such a difficult time trying to use the software and I’m wondering what could be the issue, but grateful for any suggestions on whether or not it could be my graphics card, OS, Storyboard Pro or my Tablet.


Hi Paper Owl Films

Please note that Ugee tablet is not officially supported tablet for any Toon Boom product. The supported tablet for any Toon Boom products is Wacom tablet/Cintiq. The video card and other hardware spec as well as display setting would vary the result so you can try by having one monitor with HDTV resolution might help the situation for performance issue in certain extend. And disabling Windows Aero theme also might help. Yet, it may not help at all using unsupported tablet.

Please add support for non-Wacom tablets.

Ugee, Yiynova, XP-Pen, Monoprice, and Huion are all tablet companies creating tablets on par with Wacom tablets for a fraction of the price.
It is absolutely infuriating that we spend money on a product that will not work unless we also buy a Wacom product.

I have a separate issue, but one that I’m sure will not be resolved since I’m using an XP-Pen.