Unresponsive and glitchy wacom pen

Hi, I recently installed harmony on my desktop with my cintiq 13hd and have been having problems using it. When I try to draw the pen either doesn’t respond, doesn’t have pen pressure, is really jittery, or works ok for some lines. I have tried downgrading my wacom driver to no avail and tried in photoshop and saw that it worked perfectly fine in that application. The application works fine on my laptop but for some reason on my better machine it doesnt work.
My PC specs:
AMD Ryzen 2600
GeForce GTX 980

I’m subscribing to this post. I just posted nearly the same scenario but for different gear. After a bit of an absence from using toon boom, I find last night that suddenly any input from my Cintiq 22HD in Animate Pro 3 gives similar results. Mouse input works fine still.