UNLINK node view selection from camera/timeline selection

Working with heavy riggs I’ve noticed when I select a master peg of the rig in the node view Harmony tries to select the elements on all views (timeline and camera) and it takes a while until it works everything up and shows me the selection, allowing the nodes manipulation…
is there a way to disable the link between node view and camera selection? so that when I select a node it doesn’t select it on the camera view ((for prearranging the node view purpose only))
thank you!


did you try switching to Select-Tool (Alt+S) before the Node View manipulations?

yup… any selection slows down the display… takes a while for TB to calculate all the things that are being selected…
quite annoying when you are only trying to tidy up your node view hehe


and how does it work when you don’t display the Camera tab (e.g. display the Drawing tab instead) while you’re re-arranging nodes in the Node View?

Laggsss all the same :’(