Unity 2020 and Harmony

Just tried to install the SDK for Unity. It did install, but I can’t find the GameObject->Harmony

The package hasn’t been updated since 2016. Not sure if anybody got it to work.
It also has some errors, like it is using the obsolete GUIText

So the only method I can think of is now just exporting a series of rendered images.

Any idea’s about this? Just bought this software and thought it was compatible with (at least) Unity.

Even if you got it to work I wouldn’t recommend using it.

I’ve tried this package and it’s basically a glorified video player. It renders the animation directly onto a render texture which makes it heavy on performance as it’s not a cheap operation. If you’ll rely on it as a base for your game you’re going to see a massive drops in performance as you add more and more simultaneous animations.

Basically this package has been created so they can show that they have a Unity integration even if in reality they don’t.

If you want to use the exported Sprite Sheet, you basically need to create your own importer for this that creates a native Unity animations from the exported data. But be warned that not all of the animation parameters that are exported in Sprite Sheet xml’s can be natively transferred to Unity. E.g. Unity doesn’t allow you to skew sprites natively. So you’ll need to create a sprites in Harmony for your skews.

The other way is to use the EaselJS format and have all of your sprites “pre-rendered” so you can simply swap sprites in your Sprite Renderer component. You’ll also get a xml so you can create an importer for it that creates the animations automatically. As this will only require swapping sprites at correct frames it’s much easier to create.

Thanks for this info, that ends researching into this tool right there. Saved me the trouble.