Uninstalling TBS4.5 after installing TBS5?

Just want to confirm that I won’t muck up anything here. I installed TBS5 on my XP box thinking that it would uninstall the 4.5 version. It doesn’t. Are there any problems with manually uninstalling TBS4.5 at this point?


Well, TBS 5 is a complete new install, I guess, if desired, it will happily work alongside 4.5.
Keep in mind, any project saved in 5 won’t open anymore in 4.5…
Drag TBS 4.5 and it’s Preference-File into the trash and delete…
Be aware before you delete the “Toonboom Studio-Global-Library 4.5” Folder,
transfer this Library into the “Toon Boom Studio-Global Library 5.0” Folder.


Thanks, Nolan. Questions on that 4.5 library.

What’s in the 4.5 library that is worth saving?

Copy everything straight into the 5.0 folder or create a subdirectory in it (maybe called 4.5) and copy the files in to it?

Well, transferring the Library-contents from 4.5 to 5.0 is of course only important if one has something to transfer… Otherwise, don’t bother and delete Library 4.5.
(I had about a few hundred Templates saved in the 4.5 Library (years of drawing work))…


Thanks! I’d have been cussing myself for losing those.