Uninstall Toonboom Studio

I have to find some space on my internal HD and I want to uninstall Toonboom Studio whilst I sort out iPhoto.

I have the CD software disc. Will I be able to uninstall with this or is there another way?

I have an eMac with two external HDs. I need the space to rejig iTunes and iPhoto - both of which went pear shaped when i upgraded to iLife 06



Hi Steve,

To uninstall Toon Boom Studio on Mac you need to do the following:

1. Put the folder containing the installation of Toon Boom Studio under Application in the trash.

2. Under your main drive, go in Library>Receipts and trash the install file of Toon Boom Studio

3. Under your main drive, go in Library>Preferences and trash the preference file of Toon Boom Studio (this is alternative especially if you plan on reinstalling after you might want to keep your preferences).

Then simply empty the trash and that should do the trick for uninstalling Toon Boom Studio. If you have some issue let us know and we will see what could come in conflict with the uninstallation.

Best regards,


Thanks Ugo

lets hope all goes well with my space problem and I can reinstall soon.