Uniform Gradient positioning across all symbols?

Is there a way where if I made a puppet and already have it working smoothly but now want to change the look of the clothing (which is made up of different symbols obviously), how do I change the gradient on ALL of the limbs containing the clothing, simultaneously?
When you do not use the symbols, and just use the regular limbs you draw, you only need to select all the parts in question at the same time and move the gradient. Now that they’re in symbols you can’t do that because you have to double click a symbol in order to edit it. Is there any way to edit the gradients on a collection of symbols like you can do when they’re not symbols?


I see 2 options, the first would be to use the Library to Cell Swap pieces of clothing of one color to pieces of another color. This would require that you create each pieces with different color but once your character is setup you can easily switch from one color to another piece by piece.

The other option would be in Animate Pro to use a Color Override module and change the color from one to another.

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I think I’ll have to do piece by piece swapping as the best way. I can’t get this color override, in regular animate down yet.