uneditable drawing layers

I’m having problems with layers locking up and not letting me animate, move, scale, or redraw or add any new drawings on them. It happens when I duplicate a drawing and set a key frame, and it also happened when I tried to import an old drawing from a previous version of toon boom.

Is anyone else having this problem?

I am using toonboom animate pro 2

and the previous version was toon boom digital pro

Thank you.

In the import case, are you creating a symbol by any chance? You would have to go inside the symbol to be able to edit it.

As for the first situation can you give more detail of how, where you do the duplicate. Can you do a screengrab and show us. It would help maybe to figure out.

When I import the layer it is not coming in as a layer. I did however copy over each drawing on that layer to another one and it seems to be working now. Some of these files I’m working with are quite old, I think they are just not talking very well to each other.

I can’t seem to replicate the first scenario but what I normally do is when I want to draw a new hand for example, I will click on the layer in the timeline where I want a new drawing, right click and go up to “insert key frame and duplicate drawing” I find that doing it this way makes it so my pivot point doesn’t move around. once I have drawn a new hand I will delete the old drawing. Sometimes when I do this my whole layer locks up and I can’t edit my layer in anyway, I can cycle through all the drawings in the drawing substitution area but that is about it.

However everything seems to be working now, so I’m stumped ha.

Thank you replying so quickly anyways. :slight_smile:

Did you try to create a new layer instead of adding to an existing one. If you are adding to an existing layer make sure the layer is of the same type, vector or bitmap.

For the other situation the only cases I can think of is that:
- you are using shortcuts to Duplicate and add keyframes and you accidently do another one instead or there is a conflict of shortcuts depending on which view is active while you press the key.

- you locked the layer with the small padlock in the Timeline

- you have some 3D parameters on the camera or the layer and they are not perpendicular to one another thus becoming not editable.