Undoing a Color Fill

I recently did my first harmony animation, classic bouncing ball. In the process I used the ellipse tool with a black line and filled it in black, so I had a solid black ball, and then I went on to do all of my animating. After I turned it in my instructor asked for a resubmit with a white ball, an unfilled black outline, but I can’t just use the paint bucket because my ball is currently solid black. Does anyone with more experience know a fast and easy way to my solid color shapes into empty outline shapes, or will I just have to replace the frames by hand?

The regular fill bucket tool will work, not on all you frames at once though. You can use the hotkeys f and g to move through your frames and click once in your ball with a new colour fill on each. It should change the colour of the fill object and not the line object

Are you being asked to submit two versions, one with a white ball and one with the ball without any color fill?

To change the black fill just update the swatch in master palette. IOW Black is a color, the same black color is applied to every frame. If you change that swatch to a different color it will update all frames. BTW you can “unpaint” and “repaint”



As for the line, what do you mean “unfilled black outline” …that would not be a white ball with a black outline. That would be artwork consisting of lines only so the background color would show through. Is this what you are wanting as a result?