Undo works with a Lag

Hi Guys,

My Undo stops working suddenly (it works but with a lag of 10 sec), but if I do Edit->undo, it works fine without any delay. Also the same problem with the selection tool.

Has anyone else faced similar issues and how you were able to fix it.


I also just started having this problem, and can’t find a solution anywhere.

Pressing Ctrl-Z has a lot of delay, but using Edit-Undo works fine. I think it has something to do with the selection tool. When I try to use the selection tool by pressing “S” or Alt-“S” I get the same delay. Pressing Ctrl is also another shortcut to start the selection tool, so when you press Ctrl then Z, the computer tries to bring up the selection tool, which lags, and then it does the undo. I changed my Undo keybind to just be Z and it works fine, but I would still like to be able to use the selection tool without lag.

Hope someone finds a real solution to this soon.