Undo stops functioning

im having a problem with the undo feature in toonboom animate. I noticed that after a few moments of using toonboom, the undo suddenly stops working, so i cant undo anymore. the only way i can solve the problem is by restarting toonboom animate, but even so, the problem continues to return. I never had a problem with Undo before.

your help would be greatly appreciated.

If all fails, uninstall and reinstall TB animate.

i did uninstall and reinstall toonboom, but im still having the same problem. i clicked on that repair button under the add and remove programs box, however, that didnt solve the problem. im beggining to think that toonboom animate hates my computer.

does anybody know how to fix this problem ?


You might want to change the amount of undos that you have in the software to a lower number. This may help.



the default number of undos is 50. i decreased the number of Undos to 10, but im still having the same problem.


You might have to restart the software (so basically lowering it might prevent it from happening but if it already happened I don’t think it would fix it).



I’m having the same problem - Animate likes to disable the ctrl+z function sometimes. Even though the list of previous actions is right there under the active “undo” button, pressing it does nothing. I noticed some other functions also become unresponsive when this happens. Changing undo levels doesn’t seem to make a difference - it happens seemingly at random every once in a while. Is restarting the software really the only solution? It sometimes costs me my work which becomes ruined by the actions I can’t undo.

Are you running Windows 7? Cause I have had the same problem. I started playing around with some settings and something seemed to fix I just don’t know exactly what.

Here are the things I tried …

1. Right click - Run as admin
2. Upgraded my firmware/ Graphix card drivers from Hp
3. i changed the Undo to 10 then rebooted. Then changed back to 80 and rebooted.

One of those did it maybe you can try them to see what happens. Good luck and I feel your pain. does Animate Crash when you click on the color wheel? I still have not been able to fix that.

I’m running Win XP.

I try to keep my hardware drivers up to date, still I find it hard to believe an out-of-date graphics card driver could disable Undo in Animate. I guess all I can do for now is keep messing around with amount of undo levels, still I don’t think Undo itself causes the problem because some other functions (like those that can be activated with ctrl+key, still have to verify this until a next crash…) don’t work then as well.

I also get a regular crash from Animate at least once a workday but that’s a different problem.

Well, I guess the problem is not fixed cause it did it to me again last night. I am getting a new Graphix card cause after researching the one I have, I learned that it is wack.

Once I change it out I’lle let you know what happens. I too find it hard to believe that the Graphics card can cause things like this, I have a Quad with 4Gb of ram, back in the day the Ram was enough, but when alot of people you ask, end up questioning the Graphix card then maybe that is the problem.

Here is a pretty interesting thread …


Are you by any chance using Morphing when your undo stops functioning?

Usually if something like an undo stops working, it’s related to a particular internal function that’s not registering in the undo list properly. You’ll do a whole bunch of actions, and all of these will be recorded in that undo list under the undo button, and at a certain point you’ll do something that won’t register. This is the point at which whatever you just did will stop the undo from working. If you can, the best thing you can do is to write down exactly what you did before the undo stopped working, especially if it doesn’t show up in the undo list. If you continue to experience this problem you should contact technical support.

I use morphing extensively so it’s possible it could cause the problem.
I understand it’s a bug that can’t be helped, do I have to come to terms with random crashes or just avoid morphing at all? : )

EDIT: It happened again, Undo list didn’t register a simple moving of a symbol via Select tool. Nothing to do with morphing it seems…

In this case it’s probably best to contact support directly. They may need to take a look at your scene file and follow the same steps as you to diagnose where the problem is.

I think I’m starting to figure out what causes the Undo crash as I managed to create a surefire crashing scene, with symbols that ALWAYS cause the crash.

Undo messes up when I go inside symbols. When doubleclicking a symbol I sometimes notice another (random) symbol still selected in pink on the top (home), and when this happens I already know I need to restart. Following this trail, I discovered disabling all other layers before entering a symbol prevents the problem from happening.

Still, I have symbols in the scene that have a 100% probability to cause the Undo crash and force me to restart if I forget to disable the other layers (locking them’s not good enough). I think it’s a major bug that needs fixing as soon as possible. If any administrators/staff is interested, I’ll gladly provide the scene file.