Undo in program works but Ctrl z keyboard slows program

When I hit the undo button in the program it works instantly but when I use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Z, the program stops and freezes for a few seconds and my brush tool turns into the lasso tool. Also trying to select anything and move drawing objects around freezes up the program too! My other programs are running fast and drawing in toon boom is still fine. Can anybody help with this?

Check to see if you modified undo shortcut or if you set the Crtl + Z
shortcut so something else in the Preferences’ Shortcuts section. If not…

Try closing the software and removing/renaming your preferences folder.
Perhaps something got corrupted in the preferences.

C:\Users[your usrname]\AppData\Roaming\Toon Boom Animation
on Windows

/Users/[your usrname]/Library/Preferences/Toon Boom Animation
on Mac

Hmm. It looks as if the localpref.xml had a ~ symbol next to it which in the past has meant corruption with me. I deleted the file but it comes back every time I reopen and close the program. I uninstalled and re-installed the program as well and restarted the system and still no luck. My main issue is that whenever I use the select tool the whole program stalls and sometimes crashes.

The ~ symbol means it’s a backup, not that it’s corrupted.
Which model graphic card is your computer using?
How many monitors and what are their screen resolutions?

If it’s not the preferences, try updating your graphic card driver
from the manufacturer’s website.

I am currently using a Cintiq Companion with a intel hd 4000 graphics card. I just updated the graphics card am am still experiencing the problem. Ive also uninstalled and reinstalled the software.