Undo - Does undo/redo have an option to also affect selections?

It’s extremely frustrating to carefully select ~10-15 curves/brush strokes/symbols and miss the rotation box only to have everything deselect. In Flash, hitting undo will re-select your choices. On top of this, it’s maddening to redo the 10-15 clicks and miss the box AGAIN.

Please help save my hair by telling me there’s a way to re-select previously de-selected objects. =P

I like using the draw select tool where you can just draw a shape around all the points you want to select. It is way faster.

There are a lot of commands where you make a selection, then you perform a command. If you undo that command, then it should keep your previous selection. However simply selecting itself is not a command that can be undone. So if you select, then deselect, you can’t undo to return to your previous selection.