underlay art does not show after saving file


I’m testing the PLE for PRO and drew animation on the Underlay layer. Saved the file and closed it. When I open it, the animation in the underlay layer will not show even though it appears that the frames are present in the timeline and x sheet. The line art and color layer will show correctly. The overlay layer has the same problem. Also, the preview button is grayed out. I believe the animation is there, just not showing…This only happens when I close the program and restart and reopen the file. Otherwise, it the layers work fine till it’s closed.

Overlay/Underlay does not show in ‘drawing view’ by default unless you have triggered on to see it due to the reason for that exists.

Under the drawing view, there are five buttons on left side bottom which are overlay, line art, color art, underlay and preview line art/color art. If you click and hold preview tool (this is disabled in ‘camera view’ since camera view shows all layers) to have overlay and underlay that you can check to see it. This will be reset if you close the application.

If the over/underlay does not show in the ‘camera view’, it is because you have selected ‘current drawing on top’. This is useful tool in overall but if you want to see the overlay/underlay, turn this off by click and hold the camera icon on the left-bottom of the camera view and click ‘current drawing on top’ to turn off.