Unbearable Pen Lag in Harmony... But not in Animate 3!

Hey all,

Please help me. I just updated to Harmony Advanced on my MacBookPro retina mid 2012 (10.11.3), with the latest Wacom drivers.
There is a lag when I draw which makes it unusable. See this link:


Towards the end you will see the same drawing test in Animate 3 (same machine) without any lag…
Can anyone help me out figure what’s wrong?
Tried Googling but haven’t found anyone with this issue.
Thanks for any pointers.


Ok I’ve found a solution. It’s actually weird and feels like a bug (at least on my rig).
To get the flow back in drawing I have to put my Workspace preset on anything but “Hand-drawn”, otherwise I have a lag.
Weird. But it works.

I’m about to make the exact same upgrade (Animate 3 to Harmony 12 Advance) and I have a late 2012 mac mini. I’m a little wearing reading your post, although that sounds like a weird issue (why would Harmony care if your workspace is setup differently). But overall, have you notice any lag or other problems in your upgrade and your 2012 Mac such as drawing with anti-aliasing turned on?

FWIW, there seem to be at least a couple of these little oddities in Toon Boom software. Dual monitors are not supported but you can use two. The problem can be getting the software to recall the workspace for two monitors. The workaround is to drag the Welcome screen over to the 2nd monitor before opening a project (newly created or existing). Then everything falls into place. Otherwise everything gets scrambled onto the main monitor regardless of the custom workspace you saved.

As for this one, I would take the risk that avoiding a workspace is all that is necessary. Who knows what is behind the behavior? It is annoying but if you can get around it and have the software fully functional I stop allowing it to bother me and enjoy what works. It is unfortunate but this appears to be on par for Toon Boom.


Everything else seems to work ok. The pen lag really scared me at first, but then found the “workaround”.
Overall I like Harmony more than Animate so all is good :slight_smile: