Unable to use apply image and/or peg transformation

Hello, I have a scene where I have a camera zoom-out with a hand drawn animation with a blurred glow that goes out of the camera. As explained by the harmony help guide, the renders first crop the image before rendering the effects, and to bypass it we must use either the apply image transformation or apply peg transformation module.

Sadly, I have been unable to successfully render my scene without the glow getting cut-off by the object going out. I tried both modules, but it did not work, so I must be doing something wrong.

I have uploaded a few pictures of my current situation:
So, 3 frames showing the render not doing the glow once the object is out of the camera

and here is my network:

So I’m using a hand drawn animation with a glow effect that goes out of the camera but still needs its glow effect to be applied before the render.

Could anybody help me out here please? Thank you very much.

Actually it’s not the apply image transformation or apply peg transformation module that will resolve your issue. You need to go into the element editor for the element that has the blurred glow applied and on the “Advanced” tab, put a checkmark on “No Clipping”