Unable to Upgrade from TBS6 - Anybody else try?

I went to buy/upgrade TBS8. I currently have TBS6 (fully registered, of course, on the ToonBoom site) and I get a message that states “You have no upgradable keys!”

I emailed Customer Service and they confirmed that I am able to upgrade from TBS6 and opened a ticket. In the response, the service agent added “Hurry Up” because of the offer with the tutorials added to the upgrade ends Monday.

I’d LOVE to hurry up - in fact, I wish I was going through them now!

Has anybody successfully upgraded straight from TBS6 to TBS8 over the past few days? If so, did you need to do anything special with the registration?

I’ve tried Chrome and Safari so I’m thinking it’s not a browser/cookie issue (I’m running OS X 10.8.4). I also tried it using whatever flavorful version of Android I’m running on my phone with no luck.

Any thoughts, ideas, or advice?


The store never would accept my card directly, so I had to pay through Paypal for it to be sold

If you have an academic version of the software, it can’t be upgraded.