Unable to try out SBP 4.2

I want to try a trial version of Storyboard Pro 4.2, not 5.5 (no studio I know uses 5.5, only 4.2). I have 4.2 installed on my studio’s computer but every time I try to launch a trial it says that I have no trial license for it on my account, and when I try to get a trial license I can only seem to find a trial for SBP 5.5.

I do not want to use 5.5! I want to try out 4.2. It would be a terrible decision for ToonBoom to disable trial-runs of 4.2, especially because studios running 4.2 are unable to open 5.5 files. If files were backwards compatible or 5.5 had an option to version a file down (like Adobe Flash and Photoshop), that would be a different story, but it’s not possible…

Any solution to this?

Try contacting sales@toonboom.com