Unable to see (and play) imported video.

Hi, everyone. I recently purchased studio, and need some help. I apologize if this question is in the wrong topic. I intend to use rotoscoping for the majority of my current project, yet every time I import a video, avi format, to rotoscope, it doesn’t show the video, although the frames are shown. It’s just a blank screen.

Well, I guess, you’re using the “Drawing View”…?
Turn on the Auto Light Table or hit the “L” key…
Or use the “Camera View”…


I did that many, many times, but I still cannot see my video. Are there any other things that may prevent me from seeing my video? Could re-downloading studio help anything?

You can try changing the Renderer option in the Display tab of the Preferences.

Does exporting the project to QuickTime show an empty screen?

Do you know which codec the movie is written in?

Are you able to play the movie in QuickTime?

oh, I somehow got it to work. It didn’t take any AVI files, but I just converted them into MPGs. Thanks so much for the input, I really appreciate the help.

Studio uses Quicktime to decode the movie file, it needs to be encoded
using a codec (complressor) that Quicktime understands. Also be aware
that the latest Quicktime versions 7.7.7 and 7.7.8 are broken on Windows 10
so you need to install an older version.


I have a similar problem, but it’s across all codecs. It all seems to be stuck on one frame. Maybe studio 7 is dependent on Quickplay?

Hello Bryce,

I would recommend creating a post with this question in the Harmony section of our forums which can be found here: https://forums.toonboom.com/harmony/support-and-troubleshooting

Since this section of the forums is for Toon Boom Studio, I’m not sure if the community will be able to help you with an answer if they don’t see it.

Would Harmony 15 use QuickTime?

It would make use of QuickTime codecs if QuickTime is installed.

QuickTime videos wasn’t imported on my software.

What’s the error message?

What version of QuickTime would I use on Toon Boom Harmony 15?

QuickTime 7.7.9 is a good one to use.