unable to save projects! help!

hello, whenever I try to save my projects using toon boom 4.5 on an intel mac (10.5) an error reports “toon boom templates.tbc.new is not a valid toon boom studio file”. my project will then appear but won’t open, claiming thats its missing or moved. so in effect I can’t save anything.
I’ve seen similar problems mentioned on this forum but have found no answer.
the closest thing I can find to a “template Library” doesn’t give me an open or close option (as i’ve seen suggested as a fix) and I am the administrator on my computer so I have all read and write permissions (which i’ve also seen suggested as the problem).
I upgraded to 4.5 from 4 because 4 wouldn’t work with the genius tablet I bought, and now 4.5 won’t save…
I’m very frustrated, if anyone has the answer please help me out.
(or knows how to make 4 work with the genius tab, that would make me just as happy )
Stoley :slight_smile:

ahhhh, figured it out, was searching my mac library instead of the library actually in toon boom.

I’m having the same problem, although I don’t understand this person’s solution. How do I save something to the Toon Boom Library. I can’t seem to find that.

if you’re having the same problem i was having and you’ve been getting the same error messages i listed above the solution is to open toon boom, go under windows and select library. a window should open with a list of libraries and one of them should say template. right click on template and select close.
now you should be able to save you project (in whatever folder you want).