Unable to read .tvg files

I’ve been working on a project with a friend, we have our “master” project located on a OneDrive folder. And when we tried to merge all the scenes of the project, while my friend can open my scenes and play and edit them I’m having some trouble trying to read their scenes, every time I to click at them says its unable to read that .tvg file.
Any suggestions?

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Encountering the same issue. Any help with this is much appreciated! Thank you.

After digging through some old threads we came up that it was something related to having the project saved on a cloud storage rather than a normal drive. I’m not entirely sure if that’s actually the issue but since we moved all our stuff to a Harmony file (which we find its way more comfortable to use than SB imo) and zip our files directly to ourselves we haven’t had that issue anymore.

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you couldn’t work in your storyboard Pro files anymore? I have the same problem with some files when I open them on STB 22.

Nope, at that point we just gave up and re did almost everything in Harmony.